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Hello Church Family-
We have several families traveling in the near future that need prayers for protection.

Carol Smiiley’s son David & wife Elaine are leaving for Florida this week

Barb Ferrer is traveling to S Carolina March 10th- 17th

Cheryl & Tom Ferguson are traveling to Texas March 14- 18th

Jon & Patty Grubbs are traveling to Myrtle Beach March 13- 24

Thank you for your prayers.  

From Shari - Hi church family,

Last week I asked you to pray for my niece and great nephew, who had covid. They've recovered, but unfortunately, my parents were around them while they were contagious because none of them realized they had covid at the time. My parents have now both tested positive. My dad is on his way to the VA to be treated with the monoclonal antibodies because he's high risk and has some wet "congestion" going on, which could quickly escalate. So far my mom's symptoms are mild so I'm not sure what they plan to do for her yet. Please keep them both in your prayers. 

 Please keep Joe Monteleone in prayer as he organizes curriculum for a project called Keeping Divine Appointments (KDA)
Pray God leads him !

Pray for Pastor Jack to recover from the flu.

Pray for Becky as she travels out of town for business this week (Tues- Friday)

Pray for Nancy Reed as she picked up an illness and was sick for weeks! We were happy to have her back with us on Sunday but she is still recovering (not a contagious illness). Pray God heals her completely.

Thank you for your faithfulness

Also please keep Andrew Skrastins in your prayers. He is a senior at North Catholic that had a neurological issue that caused a car accident on Thursday. Doctors are trying to figure out what is going on. No one was hurt in the accident.

February 21st - This morning Molly asked that we add her friend's son to our prayer chain.  His name is Brayden.  He is a special needs child with several health issues.    He got covid and then pneumonia.  Now they think he is aspirating and are considering doing a feeding tube.  

Molly asks that God would grant wisdom to all involved in his care and that He would just wrap His arms around the whole family.

 He is still the God of miracles!

Thank you for praying!


"Overcomer" by Mandisa

Please keep Emma’s mother  (her name is Alane)- in your prayers - 

she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is in the early stage.
We know God can touch & heal !
Pray for peace for the family as well.
Thank you & God bless

Prayer Warriors:
Please pray for Nikki, a close friend of Becky’s who has been diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer.

Kim asked that we put her brother George back on our prayer chain. You may recall we prayed for George a few years ago when he had cancer and God answered mightily! Hallelujah!
Here is our prayer direction for George now:

From Kim:
Ever since his last episode with encephalitis he has had memory problems.  After many dr appts and testing it’s not looking real hopeful .   He can not and chances are will never be able to form new memories.   We praise The Lord that he remembers the past and his family and that his physical health is stable.  At one point that wasn’t even true.    There is one hope left and that is a change in his seizure medicine.  The one he is on now causes memory loss and he was on 2500 mg a day which is way over the normal limit.  They are slowly cutting that back while introducing a new medicine.   This is a little tricky cause he can’t have another seizure or he may get worse.    He’s only 55 so it’s very sad.   So please pray for an easy transition between medicine and that by the grace of God it does improve his memory.  Thank you,   I know with BAC praying miracles can happen.  

Please pray for Shari B. as she undergoes some testing to determine why she is suffering from painful system-wide inflammation.

Song Of The Week:  CAIN - Rise Up


Please pray for our friends at Dream Big Honduras as they embark on another medical mission trip the week of January 24-29.


Hello Church Family-
It is a great day in the kingdom! If you missed church,

you missed a great time of worship & fellowship & preaching of the Word!

Carol Smiley asked us to pray for her two sons:
Dan, the youngest, had a heart attack. He is ok but could still use our prayers.
David is having a hard time talking & eating- has had one test but needs further testing.

Pray the root cause of his problem is revealed and healed.

Thank you & God bless


The story behind the song "Raise A Hallelujah"​ 

"Raise a Hallelujah" was released by Bethel Music in 2019. The song was born out of a spontaneous moment in worship and prayer as Jonathan & Melissa Helser processed and responded to the news that Jaxon Taylor, the son of Bethel Music chief executive officer Joel Taylor, had contracted Hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS) which had been caused by an E. coli infection, and was in a life-threatening situation.  Joel Taylor shared that Jonathan Helser had then recorded what was an almost complete song and sent it to him, which he then played over Jaxon, who was lying in a hospital bed, from his phone repeatedly.  Over time, Jaxon fully recovered from the sickness.​



"As that giant of un-belief stood in front of me, I knew he was gonna regret the day he ever pointed his sword at Jaxon.  Just as Goliath pointed his sword at David, the sword Goliath pointed at David became the sword the little boy picked up and took the giant's head off with. "


Raise A Hallelujah (LIVE) - Jonathan and Melissa Helser


Recording of Ed's Remembrance Of Life Service.

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