These "Bakerstown Alliance Church" talks are live interviews "engaging interesting people, engaging interesting subjects, engaging the Word of God."  We seek to invite some 

Past Guests

"Israel and Palestine: Abraham's Heart for both His Sons."  

In our first session we interviewed MAJ Nathan Bech.  MAJ Bech holds a BA in Political Science from Colgate University and an MA in Middle Eastern Cultures and Religions from Jerusalem University College in Israel.  With 26 years’ experience in the US Army, Nathan has deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Horn of Africa; he has studied Russian and Arabic at The Defensive Language Institute and currently serves as a Civil Affairs officer.  In his civilian life, Nathan serves as a city counselor for the town of West Springfield MA and serves on the leadership boards for several local organizations including the Residents Encounter Christ prison ministry, the West Springfield Rotary Club, and the American Legion post 207.  His spare time is often spent losing games of Risk to his friends Pastor Christian, Jason, and Aili.   In 2015, Nathan and his friend Don McGrath partnered together to lead their first tour to the Holy Land —part mission, part pilgrimage, part educational trip. In 2016, they formed a ministry called Abraham’s Heart which continues to lead tours today.  The name Abraham’s Heart reflects the love that Abraham had for both of his sons: Isaac (father of the Jews) and Ishmael (father of the Arabs).  The goal of this organization is to cultivate a heart like Abraham’s: a love of God, his Word, and the Jewish and Arab people alike. 


Bakerstown Alliance is a church with a rich history and an even more exciting future.  We seek to join with centuries of Christians who have committed themselves to a life of bringing glory to God and delighting in Christ.  We believe that Jesus actually walked the earth, died on the cross and rose from the dead to initiate a relationship with us individually and as a community.  Jesus was not merely an historical figure--he lives today and continues to lead and feed His people.  


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